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Commission Prices

Telegram Stickers

Per Sticker: $30

Per Extra/YCH character: $5

Fox Sona Telegram Stickers


Flat/simple shade: $95

FullRender: $125

For an Additional Character: +40%

Merfox diving for at an angler lure Fox and lombax staring at the stars


For Simple to Complex Backgrounds:+$20-$75

Price will vary on the complexity.

Backgrounds of white or simple color no charge

Fox floating in an inner tube wolf dog and otter scuba diving at a sunken ship Leviathan messing with a merfox

For "Special" Commissions

If the commission is a "Special" commission that will add on to the total price.

Complex characters will also add on to the end price.

Commission TOS

For commission TOS and a full list on what I will or won't draw, for "Special" commissions, see below: Click Me

Commission Form